BlueRiver Trading Ltd. is the proud Canadian distributor for SmartWool, Ahnu Footwear, Dermatone, KleanKanteen, Luna, and Clif Bar product lines. We are dedicated to bringing our Canadian customers the highest quality outdoor adventure enhancing products possible.
Ahnu Footwear

Ahnu Footwear continues to be an exciting line in the BlueRiver Trading family of products. The Spring 2013 collection is exciting, functional and refined.

Growing ever stronger in the Canadian marketplace, Ahnu Footwear may be purchased through any of our Canadian Retail Partners or In keeping with the BlueRiver Trading business philosophy, Ahnu’s social and environmental commitment is incorporated in the foundation of every product and every business decision made.

At the core of the Ahnu brand is a belief that life should be balanced, responsible, and fun. In fact, the root of Ahnu is inspired from Anu, the Celtic goddess of balance, well-being and prosperity.

Quality in products that feature easy on/off adjustability is one part of the Ahnu focus. Ahnu Footwear is proud to be manufactured in one of only 35 footwear factories in the world that has been awarded with SA8000 accreditation, which measures social accountability in business. Whenever possible, Ahnu products use eco-friendly materials. Ahnu’s product goal is to achieve uncompromising performance by blending a modern aesthetic with the style, structure, and substance of the outdoor lifestyle. Ahnu designs performance products that incorporate the latest and most technologically advanced materials in a manner that is sensitive to our environment. All Ahnu products are user friendly, with NUMENTUM TECHNOLOGY™ - designed around Speed + Impact + Motion.

With careful and intentional choices, Ahnu has found a balance between fitness and fashion, performance and aesthetics, profit and philanthropy, and work and play.

AHNU. Walk New Ground.
Clif Bar Inc. has a simple approach in an energy bar—not complicated formulas or gimmicks. Clif Bar products are a great-tasting, convenient source of energy for any activity. New Flavours and New Products including CLIF CRUNCH.

The Natural Energy Bar®
To perform at your best, the last thing you want to put in your body is a synthetic product.That’s why they believe in using healthy ingredients, such as organic rolled oats, organic roasted soybeans, organic milled flaxseed and organic soy flour. All CLIF BAR flavours are made with 70% organic ingredients.

Nutrition for Sustained Energy®
With a mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, CLIF BAR is a moderate glycemic index food. What does this mean? Basically, you'll benefit from a steady increase in blood sugar levels followed by a gradual decline (sustained energy!).
Builder's Bar
BUILDER'S Bar - the greatest tasting protein bar that makes every ingredient count so you can get the most out of your workout. A selection of flavours now available.
LUNA Bar – the first nutrition bar created with women’s unique nutritional needs in mind. LUNA wants you to know about the ingredients used in their products as well as understand why we use them. They take special care in choosing the ingredients because they want to create nutritious, natural products that actually taste great too. Each LUNA Bar packs in 23 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that contribute to a woman’s overall health.

When choosing the ingredients, it is of the utmost importance that they are high quality, 100% natural, taste delicious, and contribute to women’s nutrition. Ingredients come from natural sources, meaning they do not have added colours, flavourings, or preservatives, and are processed less than other products.
Clif SHOT®
CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel is the original product in the SHOT line up. Fast-acting, easy-to-digest energy gel with 24 grams of carbohydrates-your body's preferred source of fuel during exercise. SHOT Gel’s semi-liquid form shines in situation when you’re working hard and need to fuel up between breaths.
CLIF SHOT® BloksChews - The Latest
Energy Food Option for Endurance Athletes™
Variety is the spice of life—we couldn't agree more. We understand ('cause we've been there) that after numerous hours of training and racing, the body needs to mix it up a little in terms of what goes in the tank. That's why we set out to create another energy food option that would complement our bars and gels. The result is CLIF SHOT® Bloks™ chews. They're simple-to-handle, easy-to-chew, and provide similar nutrition to SHOT® gel, so they’ll fit seamlessly into your training and racing nutrition program.
Klean Kanteen®

Klean Kanteen 2013 has arrived in Canada.

We've always been stainless. Before Klean Kanteen®, hydration bottles were made from either polycarbonate plastic or aluminum. We now know that both those materials are associated with a host of diseases and illnesses, info that wasn't common knowledge in 2004 when we released the first food-grade stainless bottle onto the market. But there were studies, even then, that worried us and caused us to doubt the safety of the existing bottles on the market.

The founders of Klean Kanteen® wanted to give health conscious people a safe alternative to plastic and aluminum. So the very first Klean Kanteen® was made from high quality, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel – a metal superior in both strength and safety that contains no harmful chemicals or toxins.

You don't pay for pretty. We offer a wide array of gorgeous colors and we use a safe, lead-free, acrylic paint. Fancy graphics often require complex processes and extra materials, which make them expensive to produce.

Our curving corners and rounded threads make our bottles safe, easy-to-clean and sanitary. All the nice curves on a Klean Kanteen® are no accident. Hard corners and sharp angles create a place where dirt and bacteria can stick. The threads on our bottles curve and sweep. They're also large and far apart so germs and other crud don't get stuck in the threads of the bottles or the caps.

A bottle's durability depends on the quality and thickness of the metal. The thickness of metal is called the gauge: the higher the number, the thinner the metal. We spent years testing bottles with different thicknesses of stainless steel to find the perfect balance between durability and weight. After thousands of scientific, and sometimes less scientific tests, we chose strong, thick steel that meets our rigorous standards. The gauge on our bottles is low, and that's a good thing. They're made to last a lifetime.

We don't cut corners with cheap materials. Klean Kanteen® bottles have two types of thread designs, internal threads on the Classic bottles and external threads on the Wide bottles. Both types of threads are made using 100% stainless steel, not plastic or aluminum.

Imitation of our innovative designs is the highest form of flattery. Being a leader has its own unique set of challenges. Klean Kanteen® was the first company to make a stainless bottle for personal hydration. We were also the first company to introduce a truly functional sport cap, the Sport 2.0, that delivers serious flow even on a metal bottle you can't squeeze. The elegant Flip D-Ring Cap, available as an accessory for our Wide bottles, is another new design.

Our new Kid Kanteen® line has a simple mission: providing parents healthy and durable alternatives to plastic. Much asked for and admittedly a tad overdue, our Kid Kanteen® Baby Bottle was created after years of painstaking research. The nipple design, venting, diameter and form were all outcomes of extensive consultation with professional lactation consultants and moms.

Like all Klean Kanteen®s, they are made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and are free of BPA, phthalates, and other toxins. The contoured, hourglass shape is designed for small hands, and the wide mouth allows for easy cleaning, pouring and filling. The medical-grade, silicone nipple is more than 2 inches in diameter and features a double venting system, helping reduce colic and promoting healthy digestion. Happy baby, happy planet.

There's an electric energy that accompanies Spring in the mountains and it always seems to catch us by surprise. Nothing beats the extraordinary comfort and performance of SmartWool. SmartWool guarantees that our products will be the best performing and most comfortable socks and base layers that you have ever worn. Only the finest merino fibre is selected to become SmartWool. The Merino fibre is then made SMART by SmartWool technicians. This process enhances all the wonderful qualities of merino while making it itch-free, blister-free, odor-control, and moisture control, machine washable and dryable, and resistant to shrinkage. 2012 brings with it an extensive new product selection for adults and children, socks, accessories and Next-To-Skin.

Next-To-Skin – It's the Next Best Thing – Fabric Weights for EVERYBODY! SmartWool breathes better than synthetic fabrics. Its natural fibres work in harmony with your body’s heating and cooling systems, wicking moisture fast during stop-and-go sports. Available in three weights - Microweight - Lightweight - Midweight - NTS is designed with cross-functional styles and innovative construction that meximizes the benefits of Merino by getting as close to your skin as possible.

Trail CollectionMade With Motion In Mind - Designed to keep wearers more comfortable no matter where the trail may be.

TML – Thermal Midlayers - A Layer for Every Trail - Engineered specifically for mountain athletes and the varying climates of their mountain adventures, SmartWool Thermal Midlayers are the natural choice for year-round warmth, without additional weight...or BULK. Meaning, they pack down tight and have the ability to go wherever you do, making these the perfect alternative to a bulky fleece.

PHD Performance SocksThe smartest socks in the world. Now SmartWool socks have a doctorate in performance and comfort. The PhD line-sock line incorporates a range of design-driven features to help feet do their work in blister-free, bipedal bliss. Updated PhD models with durable, longer-lasting WOW (Wool-on-Wool) Technology™, puts more SmartWool in every sock, particularly in high-density impact zones to reduce shock, and in high-wear areas for great longevity. More SmartWool means more odour control, more moisture management, and more feel-good performance. Not be left out – the 4-Degree Fit System – the backbone of our PhD performance socks, 4–Degree Fit offers support where it’s needed, mesh zones for breathability, improved fit and extraordinary comfort.

Performance Socks – Performance anxiety? It’s all about the feet, baby. SmartWool’s Performance Sock line offers five sport-specific silhouettes and five levels of cushion, so you can choose socks suited to your sports choices and the balance of performance and comfort you want. SmartWool Performance Socks uses the SmartFit system for custom comfort. Serious moisture management for high-output sports – Performance at it’s best.

Lifestyle Socks – Technically FABULOUS, Everyday EXTRAORDINARY – Tne core of our socks are SmartWools' Merino Wool fibers. With thse all-natural, odour-free, moisture-controlling fibers, SmartWool created a legendary line of lifestyle socks that provide the extraordinary comfort your need to add a little pep in your step.

What makes SmartWool lifestyle socks ultra comfy? - Anybody can make a brightly patterned sock...but only SmartWool combines Merino wool and WoolBeing Comfort Features to make our socks ultra comfy AND ultra fun. SmartWool took the best of performance sock innovation and incorporated it into their lifestyle line.


Accessories – Feels Good! – For years we’ve been pitching the virtues of SmartWool against your skin…why shouldn’t the head, hands and neck be included?

Kids & Baby – Being a kid is a high-performance sport. So when they're out on the trail, playing in the backyard, or working their way through the wilds of the jungle gym, they need comfortable clothing that helps them play longer. SmarWool Kid's Next-to-Skin Baselayers and performance socks helps them stay comfortable all day without getting muggy - which, in the kid sport arena, is synonymous with cranky. And SmartWool's odour-free Merino wool makes sure they come back smelling just as sweet as the last time you saw them.