1. On the Nutrition Facts food label, are the grams of Other Carb. in addition to the Total Carb. listed?
No, the Total Carb. includes all carbohydrates fiber, sugar, and other carbs.
2. Can you eat CLIF BARS if you are allergic to nuts?
No, all CLIF BAR flavors may contain traces of nuts.
3. Why is there no dairy in your chocolate?
Not all chocolate has dairy. We use semi-sweet chocolate, the main ingredient of which is cocoa butter.
4. Is there any gluten in your bars? What is gluten?
Yes, while CLIF BARS are wheat-free, they are not gluten-free. Oats and barley malt contain a natural amount of gluten. Gluten is an elastic protein substance naturally occurring in most grains.
5. Are CLIF BARS GMO-free?
Yes, our bars do not contain any genetically modified ingredients.
6. What are the sources of Omega-3’s in CLIF BAR?
Omega-3's come in different forms from various foods. CLIF BAR contains omega-3's in the form of alpha linoleic acid (ALA) from organic flaxseed and walnuts. ALA is converted Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosapentaenoic acid (DHA), forms of omega-3's readily used by the body (found in fish such as salmon, cod, and tuna). There is a growing body of evidence that suggests EPA and DHA can help to lower cholesterol and decrease inflammation both of which are associated with promoting heart health.
7. How should I eat CLIF® SHOT BLOKS® compared to CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel?
CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel and CLIF® SHOT BLOKS® Electrolyte Chews are easily interchangeable since they both provide carbohydrate to working muscles. Since 3 SHOT BLOKS pieces equal the same calories as one SHOT Energy Gel packet you can go back and forth between each, while easily keeping track of your calorie intake.
8. What’s NEW with LUNA?
LUNA bar has always been the blissfully good, entirely natural whole nutrition bar for women. And now, LUNA bar contains more than 70% USDA-certified organic ingredients.
9. Why is LUNA bar going organic?
There have always been a certain percentage of organic ingredients in LUNA bars. By increasing the amount of organic ingredients we are providing the healthiest product possible. Organic means pure, fresh, delicious food made without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics.
10. What’s changed/stayed the same from the current LUNA bar?
The biggest change with LUNA bar going organic is the amount of organic ingredients in each bar. You can expect the same great taste, texture, and the same price as a conventional (non-organic) LUNA bar.
11. Why isn’t there any protein in CLIF® SHOT BLOKS® chews?
Well-designed studies have not been able to prove that consuming protein during activity has any performance benefits beyond consuming adequate carbohydrate. Furthermore, consuming protein during activity may actually hurt performance by displacing carbohydrate, slowing carbohydrate digestion, and causing digestive distress.