ECO...we care for the environment & seek to make a positive impact toward our planet by offering viable ecological products.

SOUL...our actions are from our 'soul' - we are passionate about providing solutions that never harm our environment. help shape the future we create products that are globally accessible and part of everyday lifestyles for every person. 

EcoSouLife is an ecofriendly company, proudly producing products that are safer for me & safer for the planet.
Our products are environmentally sustainable and with accessible price points.  Our goal is to encourage major retailers around the globe to convert to biodegradable and bio-disposable products for their customers, while still delivering innovative, modern, and leading edge designs.

HUSK - by EcoSouLife

Our line of biodegradable rice products, aptly named Husk, has been created from rice husks – a natural by-product of the rice processing. Rather than being thrown away or burnt, we ensure this agricultural waste gains another life by transforming it into beautiful dining accessories.

Like other plant-based crockery and cutlery in our range, this rice husks tableware is fully biodegradable. Unlike plastic, which can take hundreds of thousands of years to break down, and leave behind many toxic by-products, complete degradation of this tableware occurs within 2-3 years. The plates, bowls, travel boxes and cutlery are also beautifully shaped, with a subtle neutral colour that is sure to fit in with the rest of your dining room decor.

You can buy rice husk dinnerware from EcoSouLife with confidence it is safe for your family. All pieces are also completely dishwasher safe for your convenience. Once you’re finished with your Husk dinner set, simply bury it in the ground or compost heap to have it biodegrade!

Disposable Palm Leaf Products by EcoSouLife

Biodisposable products are ideal for times when you can’t take everything home with you, as they can be disposed of in a guilt-free manner. Made from naturally derived materials, such as palm leaf, our compostable tableware is the perfect alternative to flimsy, ugly and toxic plastic plates. Each fibre has its benefits and options for environmentally-friendly disposal – check the product descriptions for more information.

Biodegradable Tableware by EcoSouLife

Are you searching for a legitimate alternative to plastic plates, cups and cutlery? Products that are washable, durable and practical, without the environmental impact of new plastics? The EcoSouLife collection of biodegradable products is the perfect combination of great design and environmentally conscious product engineering. Made from vegetable waste matter such as corn starch, bamboo and rice husks, they have a delightful lightweight feel and a smooth texture that feels just like stoneware or melamine, without the toxic production process. In addition, they're heat resistant, dishwasher safe and fully reusable. This range offers the perfect solution for travellers, campers, and eco-enthusiasts who need strong and practical biodegradable tableware that will decompose once buried.

Our 100% biodegradable plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and more are available in a variety of fun colours, including charcoal, navy, orange, pink, sand, and green.


Disposable Corn Starch Products by EcoSouLife

Cornstarch is a great material for food safe, disposable crockery and cutlery. It can be grown and harvested quickly and cleanly, processed without toxic by-products, and finished with a smooth and aesthetically pleasing texture. Cutlery made from corn starch is just as functional as regular knives, forks and spoons, and is easier to use than traditional plastic cutlery. This form of cornstarch is designed to break down entirely in an aerobic or anaerobic environment within months.

Here at EcoSouLife, you can buy a corn starch cutlery set online for your next picnic, outdoor catered event or holiday with confidence that you and your guests will be leaving nothing behind - it'll all break down and feed future plant life at your site.